How to Influence Potential Home Buyers with Interior Design

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So you’re interested in selling your home? Or perhaps you are looking to climb the property development ladder and wow incoming spectators with your unparalleled interior design. We want to help you out; here is how to influence potential home buyers with interior design.

Here is How to Influence Potential Home Buyers with Interior Design

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influencing with interior design
  • Know Your Trends
    Quite simply, humans are creatures that have the tendency to follow the herd. As soon as a trend takes off, you can almost guarantee that others will want their own version of that trend. It is of course, important to be mindful and still express yourself but it would be wise to express yourself within the boundaries of the trend.

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    interior design
  • If Not The Trend, The Make Sure it’s Specific
    You can influence potential home buyers through a specific niche. I prime example of this would be someone like Lisa Bradburn Interior Design who does interior design in sussex and offers a fresh approach to country style. She has her own thing happening and potential home buyers who dig her taste will be less likely to go with what is currently the trend and instead opt for a unique design.

    tropical style design in bedroom
    influencing potential home buyers
  • Highlight Natural Features and Surrounding Areas
    Again, we can use Lisa Bradburn for example. If she is doing work in the countryside then her style is more than likely going to be the acquired taste anyway. Knowing your Market is about familiarizing yourself with where the home is, the attractions which are nearby and understanding what kind of individual will be looking in this area. For example, if it was a home near the sea you might consider complementing this natural attribute – the individual by very well be active and have enough finances to enjoy the lifestyle which comes hand in hand with the area.

If you are looking to make the interior design changes which will have the capacity to influence potential home buyes then definitely check out Lisa Bradburn and her social media outlets – Facebook – Instagram – Twitter



Top Skills Needed to Be the Best Social Media Marketer for a Boutique Hotel

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The demand for digital marketing skills in Australia is high, especially those involved in social media and content marketing. The job pool in the country, however, is small. This is why these tasks are sourced from overseas.

That’s your cue.

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While waiting, you should hone your skills in social media campaign. If your target client is in the boutique hotel business, your focus should be on how to create sustainable social media accounts for them.

How to succeed as a social media marketer for a boutique hotel

Understand the brand

Boutique hotels are unique as they sell a personality, culture, and experience that are unique only to them. Some properties build a brand on wellness, while others serve luxury to a niche client. By understanding what the hotel is about, you can create a complimentary social media campaign.

You can also make recommendations on how owners can establish an emotional connection with guests and make their experience memorable. Doing so will generate free publicity.

brand image on laptop
knowing your brand image

Know which content works best on social media

When it comes to promoting a business on social networks, the focus should be on quality, utility for the target market, and shared values. So, don’t post just about anything on social media. It is important to know what your audience loves to establish and maintain engagement. This may require trial and error initially, but once you know the kind of content that performs well on social media, stick to it.

social media apps
know which content to put on social media

Know which social network works best for the business

Since you’re marketing boutique hotels, you can take advantage of major social networks—Instagram for images, Facebook for engaging posts, videos, and images, Twitter for retweeting mentions of the hotel and comments, and Pinterest for enticing photos. Those are amazing platforms to play with. But, remember, each social network calls for different strategies.

people on their phones
knowing which network suits your business

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How to Create the Most Suitable Startup Name

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Looking for a perfect start-up name? Here is everything you need to get yourself ahead on the most effective startup name for your business.

How to Create the Most Suitable Startup Name

Online, you will find plenty of start-up name generators that you can use. And they do offer viable company names or tech start-up names that are funny, catchy, and relevant. But are you really going to start your business with a name that is automatically generated?

Remember that a brand name is your business’ cornerstone. It must reflect your company’s vision and mission too. Since name generators have no knowledge of what your business is all about, take the more challenging road.

To jumpstart the creative process of creating the perfect startup name for your company, ask yourself the following questions:

brain storm image
creative startup name for businesses

What brand or image do you want to portray?

  • Modern
  • High-end
  • Mobile
  • Unique and fun
  • Budget-friendly

What will be your project statement?

  • A simple and cute name for a store that sells handmade wooden toys.
  • A sophisticated brand name for a company that sells high-quality sportswear.
  • A classy name that reflects a luxurious spa and salon business.
  • A compelling name that will highlight a company’s eco-friendly efforts.

From the answers you made, you can then brainstorm ideas. Allow ideas to flow and find ways to get great inspiration from bad ideas. It is by limiting yourself that you stop your creative flow.

Here is a great video on a start up name for your business;

You should also draw inspiration from other existing businesses. Drive around town to look at business names or make a list of successful brands across your industry.

For every name you come up with, map it out in your brain. How would it look like on a logo, product packaging, and business card?

Once you come up with a name, test it for user-friendliness.

  • Will your customers have difficulty saying the brand name?
  • Will your customers have difficulty remembering the brand name?
  • Will they be able to hear it said aloud in a crowded bar and understand what it means?
  • Will they be able to spell it without any problem?
  • Will they find your brand name appealing?
  • Does the name translate well in other languages?

If you answered yes to all these questions, congratulations! You are on the right track. Do make sure you won’t have any legal problems.

Check for trademarks before you secure a website domain or register your business.

Why Online Businesses Need Cyber Security 

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There is no 2 ways about it, if you have a business, you will undoubtedly have your business online. This has come as a great asset to business owners, for it is a great way to showcase your services and even generate sales. However, there is a hidden danger – Cyber Criminals. More and more information is accessible than ever before and Cyber Criminals want it. Just think how much information is on your online domain! This is why online businesses need Cyber Security 

Why Online Businesses Need Cyber Security 

What is Cyber Security?

Take PGI for example. PGI are a Cyber Security company who are professionals at protecting online data. In its most straight forward term, they keep personal information, yours, staff and your clients safe. 

The need for Cyber Security has sky rocketed with the development and evolution of high speed internet. With bank details, insurance policies, personal and sensitive information all worth a good buck to Cyber Criminals, online businesses are often breached, hacked without even knowing they were vulnerable to such an event.

How Do Hackers Breach Data?

Hackers have highly developed systems that run algorithms on basic security setting such as a password. They can run through millions of possibilities a second and keep the system running until they find a match. Once they are in, they are in and everything is then accessible to them. Your data and that of your clients which of course, is completely catastrophic. But this is just the basic form of hackers, the ways in which they operate leaves even the professionals behind. Governments and companies like PGI are always playing catch up because hackers are always developing new breaching systems which naturally they do their best to keep a secret.

online hacking
cyber criminals

What could Happen if You get Breached.

If the online aspect to your business is breached and data has been stolen, you will absolutely be in for a long and bumpy ride. If it is the information of you clients then not only could they receive unwanted intrusions and thievery, you could get the backlash of their understandable anger. They will have the right to sue and this is what actually puts many businesses under. Your integrity will be compromised and the effects may very well be irreversible.



Why Being Confident Will Get You Employed

A Smart Suit

Are you looking for a job? You may have heard multiple times the simple advice ‘Be confident’ And really it could not be more true! There are many reasons why confidence is so important to ensuring you get that much wanted call back.

A Interview Desk
A Basic Interview

Believe In Yourself

Confidence is contagious –  If you believe in yourself, then others will too. Knowing your skill set and promoting what you have to offer is the simplest way to smash that interview. The best way to come across confident is being positive, having open body language and great eye contact.


Communication Skills

Confident people are easy to talk to, this is because they don’t think about what they are saying and neither do they hesitate in what they are trying to express, this allows them to speak effectively and decisively. For example, whilst in a job interview, a person with this attribute will speak fluently, representing themselves as a great asset to the company.


Promoting The Company

When you are an employee, not only are you working for the company, you are also the face of the business, so how you speak and upload yourself directly represents the business ethos and brand. Furthermore, showing confidence with the product you are selling is hugely important.

Selling Hats
A Sales Woman


So there you have it. Yes, confidence really is key and showing your potential employer that you are self-assured in your abilities and talents, as well as your capability to promote and represent the business through great communication and personal skills. Confidence comes from within, so before your interview it is important to remind yourself of what great things you have to offer and why the interviewer would be crazy to miss out on the opportunity of having you work for their company.



Interview Tips – When Applying For New Jobs

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Many of us have experienced more interviews than we can count on one hand, but, interviewing just never seems to get easier. Maybe it’s the factor of the unknown and new, interviews involve meeting new people, up-selling yourself and your experience as well as appearing friendly, approachable and confident. With that said, there are ways to reduce stress and ensure you perform your best.

5 Top Tips That Will Help

  1. Prepare

Research what possible questions you could be asked and practice your response. Practice giving strong and confident answers backed up by examples. Be sure to review the job requirements, make a list of the specific job role and match them to your previous experience.

  1. Connect with the Interviewer

You should also aim to develop a connection to the interviewer. Use eye contact and their name often, it makes a person feel closer to you. Ultimately, building a bond will up your chances of getting hired, if they get on with you, they will think you are likely to fit in with the company team and ethos.

  1. Research the Company

Make sure you swat up on the company and the trade. 90% of interviewers will ask the question ‘Tell me what you know about us’. The internet is a wonderful thing, you should be able to find out relevant information about the company’s history, success, ethos and staff.

  1. Be Early

Being on time for an interview does not mean walking into the workplace at bang on the agreed time. In business and interview terms, on time equates to five to ten minutes early. Consider the time of your interview and make travel plans to ensure you have plenty of spare time.

An Alarm
Morning Alarm
  1. Stay Calm & Smile

Whilst in the interview, remember to smile, smiling will naturally make you feel better and also relax the interviewer. Try to relax and stay as calm as possible, take some steady breathes and relax your arms. Your body language can give a lot away, good body language will make you appear confident and comfortable in the situation.

Calm Smiling Lady
Smiling Woman

Ultimately, the secret to brilliant interviewing is to project self-confidence, positivity, and knowledge. Taking the time to work on your interview skills and basic preparation can go a long way. 

Why You Should Go On A Working Holiday To The UK: PAYE Tax Refunds

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Who wants to go on a working holiday to the UK? After all, it has one of the most incredible cultures which is equally as diverse as it is amazing and has the greatest city life. More over, it is only a stones throw away from Europe which would be your newly found back garden. Another amazing reason to travel the UK is for PAYE Tax Refunds. Once your working holiday is finished, you can reclaim for a tax refund and have the much needed cash to jet set of to the next place on your bucket list!

How it Works?

The way it works is quite simple. Every month you work, tax is deducted out of your wage packet and safely placed in the hands of the UK government. You can calm for a rebate on any tax which you had paid for underneath the tax threshold.

This is amazing news because we usually accept that tax will be deducted from us and tailor what we have left to budget our adventure, but with PAYE Tax Refunds, you are saving when it doesn’t even come close to feeling like you are.

Here you can grab more information on how to claim PAYE Tax Refunds from UK Tax Experts.

Addition benefits

The pro of all pros is that whilst you are working you are saving and the more you are saving, the more likely it is to continue your amazing adventures around the world. But why stop there, because you could even learn a new skill in a different trade, or gain further experience in your own respected trade and have it on your CV that you have worked in the UK. All whilst having the time of your life.

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Two travellers excited with their adventures












There are companies that offer this service like, who will respond to your claim with the up most efficiency. Nothing beats not having to wait around for the pennies which are rightfully yours, especially when you have places to see and many amazing things to do!

You can check out on Social Media here, Facebook, Linkedin.


Why Waste Management Creates Job Roles

Why Waste Management Creates Job Roles

Perhaps it is not wise to be expressively happy about potentially profiting off of the lack of cleanliness our world is currently experiencing. But, someone and somehow must come to the rescue, which of course, are the Waste Management Companies.  The good news is, the more we use them, the cleaner the world becomes but on top of this, the more any specific company expands, the more working opportunities that shall arise.

Why this is the case

The government is gripped tightly within two iron fists, one of them being the desire of nearly every humanoid wanting to clean this world up and the other, strict budgets. As you are well aware, waste management is not our only problem and who do we look to first to fix the global issues, the governments. Meaning, they have to distribute the tax budgets accordingly to a list of priorities.

As there are many areas within society that tax budgets must be delegated too, there isn’t always enough to solve many problems. One of those problems is waste management. This has opened a window for waste management companies to take the lead and create business opportunities.

As you can see from the video below, there isn’t many communities that is helping to combat waste management.

How it creates working opportunities

Well consider how many subjects are on the list of the Governments priorities, no way is it completely possible to fix the waste disposal problem on their own  and as the public’s concern intensifies, naturally, people will resort to privately-owned companies to deal with the problem (in fact this is already starting to happen).

Now, if the business grows in profit, a business expands their resources and reaches out to more of the public through marketing strategies (they’ll need marketing experts for that), imagine everything that is needed to run marketing strategies, how many clever heads would it takes. But from here the list expands, they would need more people on the ground, they would need new establishments, everything and as a business grows, the need for human skills rises also and this is how waste management will create many working opportunities in the future!

lady jumping
jumping into a new job

One company which is leading the way is Averda South Africa, check them out on social media here;  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .


What Makes A Business Work

What Makes A Business Work

Recently we set out to speak to business owners and ask what they think makes a great company, regarding their products and their working environment. Speaking out, perhaps above others was Snuggly Rascals who’s recent launch of product are ultra-comfortable, super soft kids headphones. What we found most striking is what inspired them and how they carry out their brand voice. Here are a few things we learned from about Snuggly Rascals and their product.


What They Are About

Snuggly Rascals say “Snuggly Rascals was born from a desire to create fun & quirky products for kids.”

The Snuggly Rascals team is a collection of  young families and wanted to create a product their kids would love and enjoy, as well as the kids from families all around.  They started Snuggly Rascals with a small but diversely fun range of characters, brought to life with a series of ultra-comfortable and super soft  headphones.

What makes Snuggly Rascals work so effectively is that they handle everything internally, from the design of their products and online marketing, to the development of sales and growing customer services. They see themselves as a friendly, personable bunch of family members and simply wish to have happy customers.


Supporting Charity

When Snuggly Rascals was first created, they individually expressed that they wanted to give something back various communities. Being parents themselves, they decided it would suit them most to support children’s charities.

holding hands in support
people supporting one another


Part of The Family

Snuggly Rascals are all about kids and families. They want the customers, both parents and kids to feel part of their family, which is why they encourage customers to share their experiences.  This is why they share everything they do on social media and wish for customers to join in on the fun online. With various competitions in play, Snuggly Rascals are constantly finding ways to keep viewers engaged with their brand in order to create an online family full with families.

family watching the sunset
happy family

Overall, we absolutely love Snuggly Rascals and their company ethos. Perhaps most of all, we absolutely love their Ultra- comfortable and super soft kids headphones.

Why Businesses Need Fibre Optics

Why Businesses Need Fibre Optics

There are few establishments that can express being untouched by the growth of technology, which is why a business must go with the stream or be left floating around. Progressing pass what is now defined as old tech is the invention of Fibre Optics and Fibre Optics Optical Transceivers, and now industries withing the volunteering sector are using advantages of this technology to enable a level effectiveness regarding the way in which they network and remain online. This is why some many industries turn to ProLabs, to find the best use of Fibre Optics

Fibre Optics

There are many practical applications to streaming a been of light down a plastic pipe. Just as electricity powers machinery, strobes of light can power and carry a data base of information. Within society, people rarely notice how common fibre-optic cables really are, which is mostly due to the light-powered signals they carry are actually flowing beneath the ground. The industries that are using this technology is now countless and is still expanding, but how does it help with businesses.


Computer networks

Fibre Optic cables are by far the most common and effective way of transporting information over any length of distance. There are 3 distinct advantages!

Less attenuation (signal loss):
 Information travels up to 10 times further—which makes fibre networks simpler and cheaper to operate and maintain.

No interference:
Unlike with copper cables, fibre optics does not experience “crosstalk” (electromagnetic interference) across fibres, which means they transmit information more reliably with better signal quality and carry information more efficiently.

Higher bandwidth:
Fibre-optic cables carry far more data than copper cables of the same diameter meaning that all data is being transferred without interruption but with higher quantity.


What Does This Mean For Us?

We usually wish to notice the differences with our own eyes to make sure we have made the best choice. However, with technology like Fibre Optics, the transformation that you will  see is the transition of network and communication. Meaning, the most likely changes will be the consistency and efficiency. By turning to Fibre Optics Optical Transceivers, communicating is now easier, more reliable and furthermore, whilst you are transferring data, it will be without disruption. As a result, Fibre Optics is not only more effective, more efficient, it is also incredibly cheaper to maintain.


More individuals are realising that it is what goes on behind there scenes that help their establishment, only in this case, it is what goes on beneath the ground. This is why people have been seeking out companies like ProLabs to ensure all of their systems will function without default.