Why You Should Go On A Working Holiday To The UK: PAYE Tax Refunds

Who wants to go on a working holiday to the UK? After all, it has one of the most incredible cultures which is equally as diverse as it is amazing and has the greatest city life. More over, it is only a stones throw away from Europe which would be your newly found back garden. Another amazing reason to travel the UK is for PAYE Tax Refunds. Once your working holiday is finished, you can reclaim for a tax refund and have the much needed cash to jet set of to the next place on your bucket list!

How it Works?

The way it works is quite simple. Every month you work, tax is deducted out of your wage packet and safely placed in the hands of the UK government. You can calm for a rebate on any tax which you had paid for underneath the tax threshold.

This is amazing news because we usually accept that tax will be deducted from us and tailor what we have left to budget our adventure, but with PAYE Tax Refunds, you are saving when it doesn’t even come close to feeling like you are.

Here you can grab more information on how to claim PAYE Tax Refunds from UK Tax Experts.

Addition benefits

The pro of all pros is that whilst you are working you are saving and the more you are saving, the more likely it is to continue your amazing adventures around the world. But why stop there, because you could even learn a new skill in a different trade, or gain further experience in your own respected trade and have it on your CV that you have worked in the UK. All whilst having the time of your life.

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There are companies that offer this service like Taxback.co.uk, who will respond to your claim with the up most efficiency. Nothing beats not having to wait around for the pennies which are rightfully yours, especially when you have places to see and many amazing things to do!

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