Interview Tips – When Applying For New Jobs

Many of us have experienced more interviews than we can count on one hand, but, interviewing just never seems to get easier. Maybe it’s the factor of the unknown and new, interviews involve meeting new people, up-selling yourself and your experience as well as appearing friendly, approachable and confident. With that said, there are ways to reduce stress and ensure you perform your best.

5 Top Tips That Will Help

  1. Prepare

Research what possible questions you could be asked and practice your response. Practice giving strong and confident answers backed up by examples. Be sure to review the job requirements, make a list of the specific job role and match them to your previous experience.

  1. Connect with the Interviewer

You should also aim to develop a connection to the interviewer. Use eye contact and their name often, it makes a person feel closer to you. Ultimately, building a bond will up your chances of getting hired, if they get on with you, they will think you are likely to fit in with the company team and ethos.

  1. Research the Company

Make sure you swat up on the company and the trade. 90% of interviewers will ask the question ‘Tell me what you know about us’. The internet is a wonderful thing, you should be able to find out relevant information about the company’s history, success, ethos and staff.

  1. Be Early

Being on time for an interview does not mean walking into the workplace at bang on the agreed time. In business and interview terms, on time equates to five to ten minutes early. Consider the time of your interview and make travel plans to ensure you have plenty of spare time.

An Alarm
Morning Alarm
  1. Stay Calm & Smile

Whilst in the interview, remember to smile, smiling will naturally make you feel better and also relax the interviewer. Try to relax and stay as calm as possible, take some steady breathes and relax your arms. Your body language can give a lot away, good body language will make you appear confident and comfortable in the situation.

Calm Smiling Lady
Smiling Woman

Ultimately, the secret to brilliant interviewing is to project self-confidence, positivity, and knowledge. Taking the time to work on your interview skills and basic preparation can go a long way.