Top Skills Needed to Be the Best Social Media Marketer for a Boutique Hotel

The demand for digital marketing skills in Australia is high, especially those involved in social media and content marketing. The job pool in the country, however, is small. This is why these tasks are sourced from overseas.

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While waiting, you should hone your skills in social media campaign. If your target client is in the boutique hotel business, your focus should be on how to create sustainable social media accounts for them.

How to succeed as a social media marketer for a boutique hotel

Understand the brand

Boutique hotels are unique as they sell a personality, culture, and experience that are unique only to them. Some properties build a brand on wellness, while others serve luxury to a niche client. By understanding what the hotel is about, you can create a complimentary social media campaign.

You can also make recommendations on how owners can establish an emotional connection with guests and make their experience memorable. Doing so will generate free publicity.

brand image on laptop
knowing your brand image

Know which content works best on social media

When it comes to promoting a business on social networks, the focus should be on quality, utility for the target market, and shared values. So, don’t post just about anything on social media. It is important to know what your audience loves to establish and maintain engagement. This may require trial and error initially, but once you know the kind of content that performs well on social media, stick to it.

social media apps
know which content to put on social media

Know which social network works best for the business

Since you’re marketing boutique hotels, you can take advantage of major social networks—Instagram for images, Facebook for engaging posts, videos, and images, Twitter for retweeting mentions of the hotel and comments, and Pinterest for enticing photos. Those are amazing platforms to play with. But, remember, each social network calls for different strategies.

people on their phones
knowing which network suits your business

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